Vinkocide product range

Vinkocide product range to prevent decomposition by microbial growth and to extend the shelf life of products.

Preservatives are added to many products to prevent microbial decomposition by bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Microbes can contaminate products at any time during production, transport and use, allowing organisms to reproduce from that point onwards. 

Our Vinkocide preservatives are fully tested and proven for their effectiveness against destroying organisms such as bacteria and fungi, ensuring superior performance backed by official registrations throughout Europe.

This product range contains several product names (Vinkocide, Grotamar, Grotan, Grotanol and Parmetol).

These products are very effective broad-spectrum biocides, used in many different industries, as Paints and coatings , Water treatment, Metal working fluids, Lubricants and Oil and Gas.

These preservatives are mainly based on the most important biocides of the last decades, the isothiazolones BIT, OIT, CIT and MIT.

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