Crop protection

Sustainable crop protection

In our research we have discovered that multiple molecules from nature can have a strong positive effect on plant health and controlling diseases. The increased awareness on a healthy food production, lifestyle and environment leads to an innovative, safer and sustainable food supply with lesser and customized amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. In minimizing the environmental impact we are providing our customers integrated solutions that substantial lower the impact. These innovative solutions contribute to a highly sustainable and responsible plant care and healthy food production. Besides the use in agriculture and horticulture there is a growing demand in greenkeeping, amenity and home and garden.

Gahrda product range
Our Gahrda-product range for healthy plants is fully tested and proven for their effectiveness ensuring performance and revenue backed by official approvals and registrations in Europe. Using the strength of nature helping in protecting crops, fields and gardens with natural products harvested from the sea and land.


Gahrda Chitis
Our Gahrda Chitis is based on a crustacean single source, high quality and exclusive Chitosan hydrochloride. This has been thoroughly tested against a wide range of fungi on large scale arable an horticultural crops. Gahrda Chitis is approved as basic substance* according Article 23 of EC1107/2009. Gahrda Chitis has demonstrated to be an effective preventive product fitting into an integrated crop management system. This results in minimizing chemistry in conventional farming and less cupper dependency in organic farming. The strong eliciting effect on plants stimulates the plant self defence by which pathogenic infections are prevented. 
*(basic substances are not predominantly used as plant protection products but may be of value for plant protection by farmers).

Our research program conducts several basic substances besides our Gahrda Chitis and also evaluates other types of products as biostimulants.  An extensive program throughout Europe is researching many crops as sugarbeet, cereal, grapevine, vegetables, potato, flowerbulb and fruit crops in experiments and field trials conducted by several research institutes.

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