Verta product range

Verta product range to protect hard surfaces against green deposits

Our Verta Total Cleaning Concept contains 3 different products (BPR-approved for PT2) to remove algae and green deposits from hard surfaces and building materials:

  • Verta-Q, based on Benzalkoniumchloride and is a very effective disinfectant and algicide.

    Within our Verta Total Cleaning Concept, we also have 2 biological products made from plant rests:
  • Verta Burg, based on natural vinegar.
    This product is RTU and has an ECHA-approval for PT2 in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.
  •  Verta Bel, based on Pelargonic acid.
    This product is available as RTU, concentrate and premix and has is backed by official registrations throughout Europe as a basic substance (basic substances are not predominantly used as plant protection products but which may be of value for plant protection according to Article 23 of EC1107/2009).

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